Raisin Lei Haʻa Akolea Iwileinani Dress

This Iwileinani Dress features our Lei Haʻa ʻAkolea design on Raisin fabric with Banana ink. 

At Waiākea Uka, we gather some of our favorite liko.  The youngest leaf buds of ʻōhiʻa trees there are beautifully variable, and present themselves in shades of red, orange, burgundy, and grey.  Curled edges of leaflets of some liko have a character all their own.  These are most desired to fashion our lei hula.  

Rain and liko, in combination, is the metaphor for the proverb that guides us daily:  “Liko ka liko i ka ua!”  Translation:  “The buds reach forth in the rain”.  Our interpretation: “Our children flourish with encouragement”.

The wedding of our cousin, Akolea Ioane, inspired the design, and its name is also the name of her precious child.

The iwilei is the collarbone.  In dreaming up this style, I wanted the collarbone to be visible and to be admired.  The squared-off neckline frames this part of the kino beautifully and the princess lines lend shape to every body, showing off curves to the best advantage.  Iwileinani, Beautiful is one's collarbone!

100% Cotton Model is wearing size XXS.

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