Mōhalu Shell Dress Buttercup Monstera Relief

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This Mōhalu dress features our Monstera Relief design in Celadon.

Monstera: Relief:  The monstera is a tropical plant native to rainforests from southern Mexico to Panama.  The large, leathery, glossy heart-shaped leaves are used in decoration and floral arrangements in hotels because of their large scale.  The fruit is edible, but only after ripening for a year.  The taste has been compared to jackfruit and pineapple

Taking us back to our early styles, we reintroduce the simplicity of a “shell dress.” Back in ’85 when we opened our doors, we introduced the Shell Dress as a slip over when we had to go to the store.  Not wanting anything too fancy, we thought the large panels would be best for our images.

Today we fancy it up a little - just so we can talk style, life, and print - in today’s terms!  The collar frames the iwilei and the poʻo, the sleeve caps the shoulder, and the length is just enough to cover the beachwear. We invite you to bring your attitude:  walk deliberately, lift that chin, shake that head of hair loose….  Wear it with tights.  Keep your jeans on.  May everything bloom in your wake!  Available in sizes XXS - 2XL in machine-washable 55% Linen, 45% Rayon fabric.

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