Moku O Keawe Womens T-shirt

Welina Mai Ke Aloha!

The great volcano eruption of 2018 changed the landscape of Puna.  Driving through the charred forests and facing the lava flow is an awesome sight.  Volumes of lava from the uplands, in a wide swath, covered the pūhala and the ʻōhiʻa forests.  From Pohoʻiki, the view of Kāliʻū and Puʻulena is clear.  

Our island, Moku O Keawe, continues to grow!  We are fortunate to experience the changes to our land and witness its regrowth and revitalization.  History is rewritten, chants are composed, and dances are choreographed.  

Mele are the keen observations of land, elements, insights, people.  We celebrate history through chant and dance.  Occurrences in the heavens, in the depths of the ocean, and in our forests, have been archived within the layers of poetry.  Each time the mele is recited and performed with hula, the experiences are retold and live again.  Through hula and the related crafts, we bring to light the history of our islands.   

Partake and enjoy the visuals and listen to the poetry.  Our ancestors are showcasing history and the evolution of our homelands!

Ola ka hula!
Sig Zane

Fitted v-neck style t-shirt, 100% cotton, Machine wash,

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