Nā Huihui Hua Dress - Ruby

This Hua Dress features our Nā Huihui design on Ruby fabric with Quicksilver ink.

Summer days are the sweetest.  They taste like cold lychee and fresh mango.  They feel like ehukai and cold fresh ponds.  Summer nights are filled with stars; like pupu lined up ready to be strung into a lei, the stars align to make constellations.  Just as the lehua blossoms are bright highlights of the 'ohi'a, so are the stars of the summer skies.  Brandy-Alia has mapped out our lehua stars, creating a skyful of possible connections.  Na Huihui, the constellations, are the memories and connections we make through summer that last us a lifetime.

Named after the thirteenth day of the moon phase, the Hua Dress is a celebration of the fruits of our labor! A combination of many favorite styles, the sleeve, collar, length and trapeze is all about comfort. Youthful, cool and poise are offered in this all-occasion wearable. A stand-up collar, cap sleeves and an at-the-knee length, the style is all about comfort. Button-front closure and relaxing ease permits perfect strides!

Machine-washable 100% broadcloth cotton. Studio model is wearing XXS

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