Namesake T-shirt - White

Sig on Smith : Capsule No.13 : N A M E S A K E

From our first capsule FatUluLehua through Pakipika and Oblique, naming has been the constant. I can remember hearing my mom talk about the "transference of mana" and naming being one of the simplest forms of instilling breath or power into any creation. The belief that any object - both animate or inanimate - can obtain, retain, and transfer power; naming is an essential Hawaiian value to instill power.

As of lately, Iʻve learned to see not only the importance of ones name, but the beauty in ones name as well. Some might be able to relate to the joy of a name being more than just a word, but a descriptor of ones life. The journey of naming ones child can often be forgotten or overlooked, but a name is given as a subtle claim to how they want their child to live. Unknowingly, we have the capability to grow into the meaning of our names and embrace the power that is within them.

With this collection, we create the artwork and prints that were created and named after people and objects.


This Namesake Tee features our Namesake print on White fabric with Olive ink. 

100% Cotton

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