Naupaka Kahakai Long Sleeve Flannel

This Buttonup Aloha Flannel features our Naupaka Kahakai print on Sepia fabric with Quicksilver ink.

This study of naupaka features the flower that grows close to the ocean.  The love story has been told for generations.  A wahine of ali'i blood, Naupaka, and a kane, Kaui, who was not born of royalty, were not allowed to be together as their parents disapproved of their marriage.  In their sorrows, they were separated and forever remain apart, one in the uplands, the other near the sea.  Our rendition of the story brings the heartbreak to life; we print only one variety at a time, never together.

Long-sleeved flannels offer a twist into the comfort zone. Not only at another level, but identifying the zone. Almost like that security blanket. Reassuring, unhurried, and pleasant. Unwind, relax, bask. We offer Ululoa, Naupaka, and Hilo Braid. Yes, a crazy run and very limited. (P.S. We wear this one size up.)

Model is wearing size XS

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