Palaluhiʻehu Toʻo Waʻaloa Dress - Black

This Waʻaloa Dress features our Palaluhiʻehu Toʻo design on  Black fabric with Capri ink.

The beautiful yellowing leaves of the noni stand out among the dark green ones. It is at this state of its life, that it has matured and is at its peak. I am attracted to this color! The term “pala” describes the changes from healthy and vibrant to a weakening closure to life. It also describes that wonderful, golden yellow color of that mature leaf. Noni is valued for its dye and medicinal properties from leaves and bark. Its trees are always dark green, full of energy.

Literal Translation: Long Canoe

Our “O” dress is all about the O-neckline! The low back frames the neck and upper back, giving all a peek. The fitted bodice and the multi-gore skirt is perfect for a spin and delightful in hula.

Waʻaloa is located deep in the valley of Mānoa. Waiākeakua Stream is in this ʻili and where I visited very often. It was my quiet place and where I would go for inspiration and fun. Surrounded by white ginger and gardenias, this ʻāina will always be a favorite memory.

 100% Cotton Model is wearing size S.

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