Panepoʻokehakeha Hua Dress - Black

This Hua Dress features our Panepoʻokehakeha design on Black fabric with Aruba ink.

 We feature a design by a Nāwahīokalaniʻōpuʻu graduate, Laukeha Helekahi-Kaiwi. For her senior project she spent time in our design department SZ Kaiao learning our aesthetic and Makawalu design process. She put together a presentation for her senior project that culminated with this design, Panepoʻo Kehakeha.

Here she shares her perspective and design story!

“This design is dedicated to my class, the Class of 2017 of Ke Kula ʻo Nāwahīokalaniʻōpuʻu. It is inspired by the achievements and the knowledge that has been instilled in us, and symbolizes how we incorporate what we have learned into our lives now and in the future. There are four particular elements that complete this design: the Ihe Laumeki, the Kukui nut, the Hilo braid (ti-leaf braid), and the mountains. Each element has its own significant meaning. The Ihe symbolizes Nāwahī, and how we should always give our all in everything. The Kukui nut symbolizes knowledge and enlightenment. The Hilo braid represents everything we have learned, all woven together to use in the future. And lastly the mountains. It doesn’t matter how far we are from each other, we will always be connected to our piko, our home.”

- Laukeha Helekahi-Kaiwi

Named after the thirteenth day of the moon phase, the Hua Dress is a celebration of the fruits of our labor! A combination of many favorite styles, the sleeve, collar, length and trapeze is all about comfort. Youthful, cool and poise are offered in this all-occasion wearable. A stand-up collar, cap sleeves and an at-the-knee length, the style is all about comfort. Button-front closure and relaxing ease permits perfect strides!

Machine-washable 100% broadcloth cotton. Studio model is wearing XS

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