Pepeʻeʻuhola Buttonup Aloha Shirt - Storm

This Buttonup Aloha Shirt features our Pepeʻeʻuhola print on Storm fabric with Eucalyptus and White ink.

The endemic tree fern, hapu'u, is an image associated with Kilauea Volcano forests. It is also an icon of an era when gardens of anthuriums were planted in Ka'umana, Pahoa, and Mountain View areas (before the shade cloth was invented). The image of unfolding fronds is a symbol of being receptive and open, as the mind. It is also representative of budding, figuratively a baby or a child.  There are two words that make up the name. Pepe'e means rolled up, as young fern leaves. 'Uhola is a term used to unfold, spread.

This design layout was done by Kauilanui. It was our first fabric collaboration only because I sat next to him and talked story while he moved the mouse. The name given to the design is reflective of Kauilanui for he is a child budding forth, open and receptive!

Inspired by the ivy-league shirts of the early 1900s, the fabric designs are pure Hawai‘i, and the look is pleasingly fresh. The Buttonup is an open front, tapered shirt with a full length placket, while the Pullover features a half placket and is designed slightly wider to allow over-the-head dressing with ease. Coconut buttons are featured on the stand-up, button-down collar and on the front placket. Tuck it in or leave it out over the trousers for a more casual look. Either way, it's the perfect touch of crisp aloha!

100% Cotton, Studio model is 5'10" and wearing a size M.

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