Pololū Long Sleeve Flannel

This Buttonup Aloha Flannel features our Pololū Print on Iron and Charcoal fabric with Black ink.

At Pueo, in the heart of Waipiʻo Valley, our dear friend Kia would tend to his family’s taro patches. In these loʻi were many varieties of kalo of which Pololū was one. Favored for its leaves for the making of lūʻau heʻe or lūʻau moa, we gather our leaves for the special occasions. This design of taro has been given the name of Pololū to honor the many generations who have not only cared for the land, but have passed on the names of the different varieties of taro!

Comfort Cloth
A flannel shirt is a favorite.  Itʻs almost unspoken. Something about it being that super comfort cloth always wins. The softness is engrained in our memory.
We introduced flannel a few years back.  Uluwehi Keaukaha was the winner.  That one still remains the choice piece in our wardrobe.  Long sleeve flannels are not a new thing… (They have been around since before the 1700s!)
Currently we introduce Kalaukoa, Pololū and Apeʻelekū. Applied to a solid flannel and a plaid background, we offer a little twist to the chill in the air.  Grab one, sit back, and enjoy the upcoming events of the season!

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