Pua Ka Hīnano Black Kekaukoʻiʻula

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This Pua Ka Hīnano dress features our Kekaukoʻiʻula design in Black and Medium Pink.

It’s always, "search for the beautiful, youthful and vibrant lehua”.  Sometimes the right trees will produce a consistent set of flowers or sometimes it has to be the combination of weather and land. In this design it’s the path as well as the branch to each celebrated lehua.

Lehua is another term for expert and master. This design was created for Jashea Kekaukoʻiʻula, as a visual take on the path to excellence!

I’ve always noticed when picking lehua, sometimes the more experienced, older trees are better.  Especially the shorter ones having longer thin branches with little to no leaves on them BUT at the very tip, there the perfect vibrant lehua.

As part of the 2007 Kaipalaoa Collection, all styles have place names in the Hilo district.  Pua Ka Hinano is the area where the John David Malo ʻohana lived and is now the site of the Richardson's Ocean Center.  Sig's favorite niece ʻIliahi Anthony grew up across the street.  This dress was designed for her!  Fabric is machine-washable 100% cotton broadcloth.  Available in sizes XXS – XL, this camisole dress is flirty and fits many shapes with its A-line body.

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