Sig On Smith Kū Ke Koa / Mailekūhonua Button Up Aloha Shirt - Limestone

This Sig On Smith shirt from their Understory Capsule features our Kū Ke Koa and Mailekūhonua prints on a Limestone fabric with Black and White ink.

When starting on this collection, we began with a question; What indigenous plants do we see in the wild together? Immediately we thought about how Maile, yet vast in its sizes and shapes, will grow amongst the tall Koa tree.  We wanted to share that experience through the combination of two separate prints.  We offer this special release to honor the union that is naturally found in our forests.

The elemental rhythms of nature are clear as we watch the clouds move in from the ocean.  It is the forests that draw the clouds inland, bringing moisture to our lands.  The invoking rains feeds the trees, delivering fresh water to our aquifers.  

The glossy leaves of the vine is the allure in the forest! Searching below the canopy of koa, it is the shiny green vines that catches our eyes first. Gathering maile for the kuahu hula is an important ritual and a memorable experience

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