Te Tiare Ululani Dress - Torch

This Ululani features our Te Tiare Print on Torch Fabric with Meringue ink.

The Tiare is the national flower of Tahiti. As a symbol of their love of flowers, many songs and dances have been written for the Tiare. Each stage of the blossoming is given a special name which represents that particular time of the day. Te Tiare is the name given to the bud when it has opened just slightly, at noon! This design is our way of honoring the Tahitian culture and expressing our respect for our Polynesian ʻohana!

If one looked toward the uplands from Mokuola, the puʻu just in the background of the historic downtown area would grab some attention. Famous for a bamboo grove that was used in ceremony, the hill affords an incredible view of the lands of Hanakahi.

Simple, practical, and so easy! This Ululani Dress is meant for the moments you choose to live… Alluding to a life of pleasure, the purpose of the styling is the ease-of-wear, the expectations of cool, showcasing effortlessness.  Step-into-and-go but with a nod to a comfortable fit and a little sassiness. Showing your legs along with a fitted bodice, you are on the catwalk ready for the expression!

Ululani Street is just a few blocks mauka of our shop. It cuts across town from the Wailuku River to Saint Joseph School. It was Pleasant Street before the name was changed to Ululani. Ola!

100% Cotton. Model is wearing size M.

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