Uluwehi Keaukaha ʻIliloa Long Sleeve Flannel - Cayenne/Natural

This Button Up ʻIliloa Flannel features our Uluwehi Keaukaha print on Cayenne fabric with Natural ink.

Countless times the breadfruit captures our imagination.  Appearing in dreams and creating obsessive desires, we continue to create new representations of a favorite image.  Literally meaning Decorated Keaukaha, the design is a symbol of the beauty of the Hawaiian Homestead area in Hilo, home of the Kanaka'ole family.

The flannel shirt is a favorite; itʻs almost unspoken. Something about it being that super comfort cloth always wins. The softness is engrained in our memory. We introduced our flannel a few years back and it still remains the choice piece in our wardrobe, especially for the colder months.  Long sleeve flannels are not a new thing… they have been around since before the 1700s!

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