Waiakeakua Pua Ka Hīnano Dress - Oasis

This Pua Ka Hīnano Dress features our Waiakeakua design on Oasis fabric with White and Aqua ink.

White ginger blossoms made up my very first design. Learning how to cut the amberlith from my friend David Hormann, I chose the ginger because I wanted to make a tee shirt for my girlfriend Nalani…Recently, the white ginger at Waiau began blooming. The blossoms in the early morning sunlight reminded me of the place where I would often take Nalani when she would come to visit me in Honolulu. It was at the base of the Ko'olau Mountains in Manoa Valley. There was a swimming hole next to a small farm of white ginger and gardenias. The name of the river was Waiakeakua. The cut of these flower designs are a reflection of time.  They honor the years that Nalani and I have been together. They also share an intimate respect for both the fragile blooms and my desire to express a peaceful form.

A favorite place to gather for surf and fishing, this park used to be the home site of the Malo ‘ohana. Beautiful pūhala trees frame Honokea fish pond! When in bloom, the air is fragrant with the subtle, velvet sweetness. Pua Ka Hīnano is said when taking in this scent!

We designed this dress for the summer days in Hilo, keeping our wahine cool. All cotton, knee length, and easy to wear. The heat’s on: get comfortable!

100% Cotton Studio model is 5'6" and wearing size S.

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