The Kaʻaipū "Aloha Shorts"

The Pareu, Aloha Shirt and Manamana have been just some of the classics in our Sig Zane repertoire. A few more here and there, but these have stayed. Coming out in multiple prints and colors over the years. Thinking about these items and the reason why they’ve stuck around, it's mostly because they relate to our lifestyle! The Pareu and its many uses from the beach to hula. The Manamana and Aloha Shirt as a comfortable but dressy option for your Monday meetings or for your cousins graduation lūʻau.

We’ve worked on many different products over the years and because of our lifestyle, a few of these products stuck around. Another one, surf shorts! From our first custom pair we made for a friend in the late 80’s that mimicked the original Surfline style, to our Waiuli style, in the late 90’s with a bit more of a generous inseam. Then to our collaboration of high performance Phantoms with Hurley. Coming from an ocean centric lifestyle that we love and live in our surf shorts.

For our latest short, we revisited the cut, fabric and manufacturing to create a style that can align with our Sig Zane aesthetic but still have enough flexibility to use in and out of the water.

The new Kaʻaipū "Aloha Shorts" featuring Ululoa, Uluwehi O Ke Kai and Na Kuhikuhi prints have arrived in Hilo!