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April 25, 2017

Mahalo to our sponsors: Hurley, HAYN, Ola Waiau, TINROOF, Moon & Turtle, Pia Brew, Waiola, Uber, Hawaiian Ola, Kadota Liquor and Youngs Market Company for making our Hōʻike Night a success! Special thanks to Russel Mitsuda for capturing these photos and of course Bruddah Waltah, Kaʻikena and These Guys, and Firewoman! 


SZD ʻOhana

Celebrate With Us!!

February 16, 2017

Our celebration of fourteen years online also includes a discount! Shop with us, enter the code KUPAIANAHA at checkout, and enjoy 25% off your entire purchase. This one-time-use code is good until March 13, 2017. Mahalo for your aloha and support! 

He Au Hou Kēia!

January 01, 2017

We salute to 2016 for a wonderful year of friendships, adventures, and experiences!

The memories bring smiles to our soul, enriching and rewarding. Mahalo nui to all for sharing life with us!

A new time is ahead with exciting challenges and incredible travels! We look forward and invite you to come along for the ride! Let us all partake of the wonders of life!

Hulō! Hulō! Ua hiki mai ka makahiki hou!

Aloha nui!

Ka ʻOhana Sig Zane Designs

Island Fin Design for Sig Zane

December 15, 2016

When I began, there was only one.  No real big choice.  Just one.  Five decades later, I get to revisit the single fin setup for my longboard surfing.  Having just one fin on the longboard makes me feel like a traditionalist.  
Makes me slow down and enjoy the ride!
R E L E A S I N G  T H I S  F R I D A Y !
Our Kapuni Fin Collection will be released on the Lāʻaukūkahi moon
this Friday, December 16th:
- Hilo Store
- SigOnSmith
and Monday, December 19th
- SigZaneDesigns.com

Expert fin maker, Steve Mock of Island Fin Design in Waialua on the North Shore of Oʻahu, put his thirty plus years of experience into this collaborative effort. 

Each fin is hand cut and sanded down to the perfect foil.
Handsome fins will always enhance the glide!
Sig Zane ʻOhana
K A P U N I 
There at Kapuni the trades lift us to our feet!
Surfing at Waikīkī always brings back memories of childhood. Learning to surf in front of the Moana Hotel alongside the canoes is one of the most treasured memories. Each visit back to the Kapuni recalls bliss!

F E A T U R I N G  N E W  P R I N T S :

P Ō ʻ U L U 
In our Sig Zane Designs tradition, we debut this collaboration with an ʻulu print. We've revisited our favorite Uluwehi Keaukaha print and together with the signature Island Fin Design stripe, Pōʻulu is the soft bark around the young breadfruit shoots, offering protection to the new tree, the new project!
N A U P A T A 
A favorite beach plant that makes any break feel like home. We revisited our vintage naupaka print and recreated a new layout for this collaboration. Recently this past summer, we learned the Tahitian name, Naupata and other traditional uses, like making tea from the young leaves and using the berries as eye drops
to relieve red eyes from a long surf session.
Photos: Alana Spencer @coconutcomradery

Mark White for Sig Zane

December 10, 2016

M A R K  W H I T E  F O R  S I G  Z A N E

Mark White is such an inspiration! He’s older, he surfs, and he still catches ulua! The most unreal thing? He makes his own fishing lures! And they catch. No just once or twice. But always. I wanna be like him when I grow up!

After many months of trial and error, Mark has perfected a collaborative lure for us.  He had been working on wood lures so we suggested ʻōhiʻa because of its cultural values.  He developed several prototypes and we immediately took them to sea.  The response was encouraging!  Now, after refinement, we have our ʻōhiʻa lures ready

ʻŌ H I ʻ A  K A N A K O L U

The ‘ōhiʻa log has been sitting in storage for thirty years.  Cut from a subdivision in South Kona when some friends were building a home, Mark White got to use some of it for our project.  Makalehua, our ʻōhiʻa wood fishing lures, celebrates master craftsmanship and the deep cultural respect for the tree.

The ʻōhiʻa forests are very important to the cycle of life here in Hawaiʻi.  Its most important  function is to attract the clouds from the oceans and to bring them onto land, which eventually becomes the rains, giving us our drinking water.  Its high rank in rituals perpetuate our connections to the akua of hula and to nature.  Chants dictate its role and manifests the power.

The carved kiʻi, like the ones at Puʻuhonua O Honaunau, is a testament to spiritual connections and the dedication and rank in the society.

These limited ʻŌhiʻa lures will be available for purchase this Saturday, December 10th at S. Tokunaga store. Any remaining stock will be available Monday at our Hilo store.
Photos by Russell Mitsuda Photography

Holiday Shipping Dates

December 01, 2016

Aloha Kēkēmapa!

Poliʻahu has returned! But if you can't make it home to our Hilo store, visit us online at SigZaneDesigns.com. We'll have new releases and exclusive Holiday products, perfect for treating yourself and celebrating your loved ones this season. Don't forget we also offer FedEx as a shipping option in our checkout! 

Mahalo and Happy Holidays,

Sig Zane Designs ʻOhana


Papa Heʻenalu

October 31, 2016

"Been one of my dreams to create a surfboard!" -Sig

Waves have been a part of my life for over fifty years!

On my 12th birthday, my Dad drove me to Wardy Surfboards, located on Kalākaua Avenue and we picked up my first surfboard, a 9ʻ6” longboard. Went straight to Queens at Waikīkī and caught my first wave. Each time I have a chance to return to Queens, it is bliss!

About ten years ago, my buddy Doug Young introduced me to Firewire surfboards. Definitely a game-changer, the boards are progressively built and more environmentally friendly. I currently have seven Firewire boards, various shapes and lengths. Recently though, a dream came true!

Firewire Surfboards came knocking on our door to collaborate on art on Rob Machado`s newest shapes! We got to see the boards recently and it just blew my mind! Love Firewire boards and to have my art on them is incredible!

In Hilo, check out Orchidland Surfboards. If you are in Honolulu, check them out at Clips, Tropical Blends, or Surf Garage. Ask your local Firewire dealer about our collaboration boards!



Traditional stamp designs convey layers of intent with imagery fortifying familial ties.  Carved archaic forms in bamboo are still relevant in a modern society.  The simple visual narratives carry strength in their intent.

The universe is our map, providing pathways to distant points.  The reflection in the waters illustrate the constellations, highlighting direction and scope.  These trails are the indelible avenues for our future generations.  Illustrating these routes are incentives for each of us on that continual search.

Our incised images are the reflection of the universe we travel.  The past has been proven, the future lies ahead.  Honoring ancestor provides the next generation with the chart, ready to manifest itself again.

Ponoholo, moving about honestly. Ponoholo, looking ahead while looking back.  The travels are a reflection of time!

Video: Shred Show video on the Ponoholo Creeper


The icon of a breadfruit leaf indicates our foundation born from nature.  In Hawaiian practice, the breadfruit is often the first design the craftsperson learns, carrying forth the deeper significance of heritage and inspiration.  Customary also is the gifting of this tree to a newborn so that he will have food for life.  

It is the beginning of a new journey and we offer the breadfruit as a wish for growth and inspiration!  The symbol shall carry forth our dreams of a fruitful life, inspired by culture and tradition.

Uluwehiwehi describes verdant beauty, lush and thriving.

P A U  H A N A  &  T A L K  S T O R Y !

Join us for a couple of pau hana drinks and talk story about our inspiration for the designs on this project!

Our friend and FireWire Hawaiʻi rep Will Hardee will be there to answer any tech/spec questions and take custom orders. We'll also have some limited SZ + FireWire + Rob Machado tees available.

Come pau hana with us!

Clips Hawaii / Nov. 12th / 5pm-7pm

Tropical Blends / Nov. 19th / 5pm-7pm

Stay tuned to our IG @SigZaneDesigns for more information.

Talk Story Soon!

Sig Zane ʻOhana

Aloha from Hilo!
Fresh from our travels to the South Pacific, we unveil our newest collaboration with our Hurley friends.  Mai Kahiki celebrates the inspiring stories of Tahiti and the emotional bond we have as Pacific cousins!  

The art connects us culturally with our life style!

Celebrate with us and go catch some waves!



The chant speaks of the great canoes traversing the ocean from Tahiti to Hawaii. From Bora Bora, riding the waves under ominous heavens, the canoes bring our people and gods to their new home here in Hawaii.

The bamboo stamp designs etch the words of the archaic chants, retelling the story of our ancestors and their origins. The braided rope connects us to our motherland.

Cordage held the great canoes together. Metaphorically it represents the binding of families from Tahiti and Hawaii. We share DNA and together we celebrate family.



The coconut is a symbol of life! When a child is born, a coconut tree is planted, insuring that there will always be food for him. The trunk was used in making pahu drums and the coconut shells made into apu used in drinking awa. A strong cordage was made from the husk fibers. Every part of the tree was valuable to the Hawaiian!

The life-giving coconut is an ancestor from Tahiti. He was a super-natural being, changing from eel to handsome man to coconut tree. The myth, told by our elders, connects us to the islands where chants speak of our origins.

The thatched fronds are used for mats, shade, and hats. Swaying in the breeze, famous sayings speak of the beckoning of the trees and the peace in its shade. Fluttering in the gentle winds, the fronds appear like feathers, softly moving in the heavens. 


Come by for our early release of the "Mai Kahiki" Sig Zane For Hurley Capsule. This Friday 10/14/16 at our @SigOnSmith location and on 10/22/16 at our Hilo Shop!
See you soon!!

Aloha, Kuhao

Our Thirty First!

October 05, 2016

Thirty-one years is a long time!  Lots of stories and experiences fill our history!  

Best of all?  Family and friends!  Nothing beats people!  You were there as we launched back in 1985 on Kīlauea Avenue.  A few years later we expanded and you followed us to our space fronting Hilo Bay.  Three decades later, we thank you even more for the support and aloha!

We celebrate the occasion because of you!  This is a chance to grab a few items at special prices.  We will also bring out many boxes of scraps…  31:  Simply amazing!

See you soonest!

Sig Zane Designs

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