• K I L O H A N A

    K I L O H A N A

    Sig Silk TiesKapa are identified by their quality, Kilohana is one of the finest, often identified as the topmost layer. We borrow the term to describe our fabrication of ties, made from Chinese silk!  Supple, soft, and charming, we offer an accent of color with art of Hawaiian life. The process begins in the design studio, selecting prints that reflect the natural power and spirit of place. With the...
  • K Ū  M Ā K O U !

    K Ū M Ā K O U !

    We choose to represent the native forests in much of our work because the ʻōhiʻa trees with their lehua blossoms make up the greater tracts on our island and provide a sanctuary for indigenous species. Bringing light to our surroundings helps protect and nurture our home.


    The cutting of the piko celebrates new life! Every line recited of the chant is an appeal for the good health, long life, and kindness to all. Palikū Surf, our newest child, is released to the world with ritual and celebration.
  • Introducing Piʻihonua

    Moanikeʻala is a lush garden owned by Laron Kageyama and his wife, Yumiko. They have been pouring their heart and soul into revitalizing this once famous garden that had been left untouched for years. 
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