It’s just about that week! 

HONOLULU FASHION WEEK all happening at the Hawaii Convention Center today through Sunday!
Join us for the debut of our Japan crafted “Forest Cloud by Sig” line or come and check out our latest select Aloha Shirts and Dresses at the Marketplace!

Fashion Shows:
11/20/15 6pm : Live Aloha Fashion Show Featuring Forest Cloud By Sig FW15
11/21/15 6pm : Get Out! Fashion Show Featuring Sig Zane Designs & Forest Cloud by Sig.

Marketplace : Sig Zane Designs & Forest Cloud by Sig.
Friday : 5pm - 9pm (Releasing Forest Cloud FW15)
Saturday : 11am - 9pm
Sunday : 11am - 5pm

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See you there!

Sig Zane Ohana



November 05, 2015

'A'ahu : An Exploration of Fashion and Art Rooted in Culture

Come celebrate the 10th Anniversary with our Foundation and enjoy a fashion review of Manaola's latest line and Kuhao's new collection, Forest Cloud by Sig.  Enjoy fashion, hula, music, pupu, and a silent auction of signed limited prints from the designers!  All proceeds go to the Moku O Keawe Foundation.

11/11/15 : 6pm-10pm : $60

Waters Edge Ballroom, Waikoloa Hilton Village

Moku O Keawe

October 19, 2015

Moku O Keawe International Hula Festival

The last ten years of workshop classes have given students experiences to expand their repertoire and explore wahi pana.  The natural elements of Waikoloa and the island of Hawaiʻi, has been the fountainhead of knowledge and enrichment in practice and on stage.  Classes of hula, learned from esteemed judges of the competition, honor their unique generational styles.  The chants taught reached inner depths and exciting highs. We continue the mission of the Moku O Keawe Foundation bringing education to the forefront, sharing insight and tradition.

Classes this year from the competition judges reflect their commitment to the dance. Their teaching methods have spanned decades and continue to pave new ground. Partake of their offerings and take home their source of dance and thought.  Gather to make a new hula implement to accompany your next choreography.  Listen to the words of wisdom and treasure the spirit.

Class schedules will be available online shortly!  Participation is limited.

Sig Zane Ke Kanakolu

October 05, 2015

Sig Zane Ke Kanakolu

Three decades of stories and experiences makes up our foundation.  We pull from this collection of events and the places we visited to invent and create for tomorrow. Our mission continues:  share our traditions through art and design for future generations!  

We are grateful and so appreciative of our tenure.  Each day has been filled with the extraordinary, rewarding on so many levels.  Mahalo nui for your aloha and kokua!  Ke Kanakolu is a one-year celebration of what has made us who we are today.  It will be about our people that built us and continue to fuel our lives.  It will also be about our future as we share our passion for learning and expanding our reach.  Visit with us as we revisit the past thirty years!  Join us as we greet the future with open arms and gratitude in our hearts!

Come celebrate with us and enjoy one of our ways of giving back to the community that supported us! Up to 30% off of our clothing and other specials through the day!

Hilo Store Only!

Thursday & Friday 9:30am - 5pm

Saturday 9am - 4pm

Wok Dis Way!

October 01, 2015

Food is definitely one way to my heart. Flavors, presentation, and especially the experiences thrill me! Comfort food takes me to my days growing up. My grandmother, aunties, and mother were all great cooks. Chinese food will always be my comfort food!

Come join us Saturday October 3rd from 1-3pm for a book signing and talk story with Lynette Lo Tom!

Sig Zane + HAYN

April 08, 2015

HAYN (pronounced ha-why-in)

Kuhao was barely two years old and he wanted to wear my slippers.  Watching him slide his tiny feet in my big rubber slippers and taking those few steps were moments of endearment!


When HAYN, a locally owned and operated company approached us to collaborate on their initial product roll-out we were stoked!  Using natural rubber and creating two layers of different densities, not only is it environmentally conscious but also a great medium that our story can continue.

It’s important to us to honor tradition.  We practice this everyday.  With these slippers, it means that we begin with ulu.  The breadfruit design is all about growth, inspiration, and symbolically, about where we come from.  Uluwehi Keaukaha is the first design.  Secondly, we wanted to celebrate our heritage.  Uluwehi O Ke Kai, our family’s popular song and hula, is the other design.
We live in slippers.  Everyday, and sometimes, all day.

Forest Cloud By Sig

April 04, 2015

We live on the slopes of a great mountain.  The elemental rhythms of nature are clear as we watch the clouds move in from the ocean.  It is the forest that draws the clouds inland, bringing moisture to our lands.  The invoking rains feed the trees, delivering fresh water to our aquifers.
We acknowledge this cycle and honor it with the name of our company.  Our efforts are quite small in comparison to the great universe but we are sincere in the maintenance of this rhythm.  This is to insure the provisions for the generations that follow us.
Within each stitch, several generations continue to ply their craft.
We are at the front of the line of our ancestors.  Each generation representing the previous.  We carry their DNA within our veins, doing as our parents had, just as their fathers had.  Subliminally the integrity transcends time and generation.
Legacy had been established in the cutting of art, printing of cloth, stitching of each seam several generations ago.  Delivering the same intent and integrity to our craft maintains the passion and extents the heritage of our forefathers.
Today we seek the individuals in the outskirts of Yokohama to print the cloth meter by meter, slowly and carefully.  The fabric is our canvas, imbued with the story and the prophecy of each hand cut art.  The simple leaf honors the gods of the forest with each imprint; its repetition is a call out of acknowledgement.
Similarly, we seek the seamstress of Daikayama that is conscious of ancestral perfection.  Deftly, offering the highest and best artistry, each article becomes a gift representing the previous generation.
Our responsibility is great to our ancestors.  We celebrate it through our craft.
Our passion begins with the cloth:  Understanding the ritual of dressing, each layer of cloth contributes to the comfort and display of character.  Color, texture, shape, and drape benefits our movement through the day.
We bring to this creative an intention to elevate the style of dressing for life.  The details in cut and color are offered to enhance the special feeling.  The extra touches are the spice to our daily routine.
We gather to share the blessings in life:  Strengthen every get together through further commitment to the creative.  Divulge into process and choice!
Let us express our love of the cloth and share each step of its manufacture so others can understand our intentions.
We recieved a few pieces of our favorites from the Forest Cloud By Sig SS’15 Collection here in Hilo. They will be available in limited numbers this Saturday in store only. Mahalo to Kenta, Osone and David for putting your heart and soul into this project with us. A meaningful name, earnest products and culturally aligned art and stories.
All Aloha!
Kuhao Zane
Aloha All!
After working on this project with our ohana from Kicks Hawaii and Hurley for almost a year now we are finally excited to release:
Sig Zane & Kicks Hawaii For Hurley: Kapoinalu Collection.

Design:  Kapoinalu
Kapoinalu describes a breaking wave at the point that it pitches and crashes.  Our print, the native flora Leie or Halapepe, honors the benevolence of the gods of Hawaii.  The plant is cared for as a manifestation of the god and is respected, often used as an offering.

On the way out to Kona!
On the way out to the Kona side my parents would always try to point out the “halapepe” and sometimes align it to surf breaks like Weliweli or unique beaches like Kiholo. Thin vertical column-like main stems and lengthy triangular shaped leaves made it somewhat difficult to spot in the mauka drylands. Especially when my dad was driving 76 over the hills to our next holoholo, surf trip or ohana luau.

Over the years, hearing about “halapepe” at hula and endless amount of trips to Kona, I finally got better at spotting them amongst the shades of aged black lava and patches of khaki pili-esque grass. Driving south towards Kona on the up road and aligning Weliweli surf break or with Kiholo’s trademarked blue lagoon, I knew there would always be a few Halapepe growing in the area. Still to this day with every mauka road cruise I find myself searching for those color cues or landmarks always hoping to spot a new one! With the development in the area every year, my dad wanted to make sure he interpreted “halapepe”, kinolau to Kapoulakinau, in his own artistic way. The rubylith format of original graphic design(Pre-MacBookPro) with x-acto and combination of clear and red film is how Sig Zane Designs started and is still to this day how he translates his unique aesthetic.

As far as unique goes….. To showcase this collection we wanted to highlight two individuals:  Ulumauahi, who I’ve been dancing and chanting with since keiki time, and Malani, the Chock’s line-up and Hilo One staple, as well as a youthful voice of the Keaukaha community.  I’ve always viewed these individuals as “Modern Hawaiians” and in their practices today, each ensuring a cultured tomorrow.
Kapoinalu Collection: Phantom Sandal
Our sandal features the Halapepe print engraved into soft leather that becomes pebbled with use. Alongside the signature soft under strap and newly released Nike Free 5.0 sole this sandal is Hilo one sand between the toes soft. Available only at Sig Zane Designs and Kicks/HI the sandal comes in two different color cues.


Documenting the talents of amazing people who happen to surf.

Iconic surfer Rob Machado has traveled the world for more than half his life. And during that time, he’s crossed paths with countless individuals who share a love for surfing and a passion for the arts. In his new series called Through The Lens, we meet these individuals and follow Rob as he re-connects with the people who've inspired him along the way.

In this episode, Rob travels to the Big Island of Hawaii to meet up with famed native Hawaiian designer Sig Zane. The cultural significance of Sig’s work is profound, connecting past to present by perpetuating the technique of hand-made illustration. While together, Sig and Rob collaborated on an original design, which reveals the magic in Sig’s design process.