A keiki o ka ʻāina, Sig Zane is a child of Hawaiʻi. From the earliest years, the ocean has been his playground. Living in the rhythms of tide and wave, and sun and moon, nature has defined Sig from the beginning. Surfer, fisherman, hula dancer, artist, cultural exponent - reflections of his life are found in each design.

An immersion in strict traditional teaching of dance and ritual, the understanding of the relationship with plant and culture is the foundation to his work on cloth, in writing, and in daily practices. The approach is always with honor and respect for the generations that came before and to build the platform for the future.

Sig and his wife Nalani Kanakaʻole opened the doors to Sig Zane Designs in 1985. Their mission was to educate and share what they knew about their culture.  Today, their stories continue with every product and performance, and their son Kūhaʻo carries the torch further into the next generation.

“The energy from Hawaii Island feeds my spirit. The elements of nature shape my character. The archaic chants of our elders guide the traditions and practices.  The rhythm of the universe dictates the flow of time. The honoring and respect of the ancestors that stand at the back of me directs the action. I am a steward of their knowledge.  My art is a tangible visual form of their story.”


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