Moku O Keawe

Moku O Keawe International Hula Festival

The last ten years of workshop classes have given students experiences to expand their repertoire and explore wahi pana.  The natural elements of Waikoloa and the island of Hawaiʻi, has been the fountainhead of knowledge and enrichment in practice and on stage.  Classes of hula, learned from esteemed judges of the competition, honor their unique generational styles.  The chants taught reached inner depths and exciting highs. We continue the mission of the Moku O Keawe Foundation bringing education to the forefront, sharing insight and tradition.

Classes this year from the competition judges reflect their commitment to the dance. Their teaching methods have spanned decades and continue to pave new ground. Partake of their offerings and take home their source of dance and thought.  Gather to make a new hula implement to accompany your next choreography.  Listen to the words of wisdom and treasure the spirit.

Class schedules will be available online shortly!  Participation is limited.