Palikū ʻUlu Snapback - Black
This Snapback features our ʻUlu design.  ʻUlu We planted an ʻulu tree as part of the traditional blessing for the opening of Palikū Surf. There are Honoliʻi where we surf each day, we chose a site on the southern side, where...
$40.00 USD
Palikū Kūpeʻe Snapback - Blue
This Snapback features our Kūpeʻe design.  Kūpeʻe Shellfish are plentiful in the islands! From ʻopihi to leho, pū to pīpīpī, there are no shortages if you are craving a good meal. Kūpeʻe are shellfish that we like to seek out and...
$40.00 USD
Palikū ʻĀkoʻakoʻa 5 Pannel Hat - Gray
This Snapback features our ʻĀkoʻakoʻa design.  ʻĀkoʻakoʻa In the great creation chant of Hawaiʻi, the Kumulipo, the ʻākoʻakoʻa (coral) is mentioned in line fifteen. It is one of the first born of all things and that gives it a high rank. Without...
$40.00 USD
Waiuli Surf 5 Panel Hat - Maroon
Waiuli Surf Contest Hat "The 2022 Waiuli Ocean Fest hat ties together Waiuli's rich history and thriving lāhui. Kamala Anthony, director of Hui Ho'oleimaluo teaches the keiki of Hawai’i, kanaka to ‘aina activities through the rebuilding of Honokea Loko, and...
$55.00 USD
WHR Institute Hats- Cream
NONOLO KANALOA OCEANIC MELODIES Sig on Smith for WHR The intent instilled in our art has always been based on relationship and connection to place. Extending beyond the shores, these elements celebrate our bonds to one of the oldest mammals...
$55.00 USD
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