Hilo One Seersucker Pullover Aloha Shirt - White Seersucker - White
This Pullover Aloha Shirt features our Hilo One print on White Seersucker fabric with Desert Green ink. Shir and Shakar, literally meaning “milk and sugar” are the Persian words for seersucker fabric.  Woven in such a way, some threads bunch together giving the fabric a...
$145.00 USD
ʻAʻaliʻi Kū Makani Button Up Aloha Shirt - White - White
This Button Up Aloha Shirt features our ʻAʻaliʻi Kū Makani print on White fabric with Desert Green and Shadow ink. Resilient, firm, and steadfast, ʻaʻalii grow in buffeting winds. Its strength in withstanding the constant force of the makani makes it an appropriate...
$120.00 USD
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