Palikū Surf is our way of life in Hilo.
Living on the East side, we greet the rising sun blessed with the natural wonders
of a young and growing island.
The volcano continues to shape our land and the rains
nurture rebirth and new growth. We are alive!
The Wailuku River is the boundary between Hilo One (Hilo Sands) and Hilo Palikū
(Hilo of the Standing Cliffs). The ridges are pronounced as we look north.
We celebrate place and the traditions of our homeland!
The stories of our kupuna live today in our expressions of art and practice.
Palikū Surf is our celebration of the lifestyles and experiences!
Curating content is simple: engage through experience, giving highlight to the memorable, and hinting to what’s to come!
Believing in the extraordinary, we are the vanguards offering a nod to the unpredictable
and clever. Each product reflects our intent, mission, and dreams.
Ola ʻo Palikū!
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