Kuahiwi Capsule

Kuahiwi Capsule

Now into our fourth year of Sig Zane For Hurley capsules, each collection we look forward to sharing our prints and stories on a global platform! Each piece from the collection serves as a medium for our aesthetic and a vehicle for the culture. Last yearʻs release we got to enjoy Kānewai with the Hurley team; this year we are bringing it back to Hilo during the best week ever: Merrie Monarch Week! 


Come down to our Hilo Shop Wednesday, March 30th after Hōʻike and celebrate with us! Pūpū by Sheldon Simeon, Pia from Fat Tire and Pia Brew as well as Kani Ka Pila by The Green!


E Ola Koa

Inspired by a visit to Bob Hurley’s shaping bay and hearing stories of shaping his early boards it reminded me of the shaping and lashing of canoes. Coming from a canoe culture, this collection we honor our Koa, the father of the forest and the braided lashing that bounds each piece of the canoe together. The E Ola Koa print highlights the leaves and curve shaped phyllodes alongside our ʻohe kāpala braid. 



We celebrate the debut of our first wahine print for Hurley with the white ginger blossom. Growing up next to rivers and waterfalls, the fragrant blossoms are treasures at the end of a long hike. It reminds us of our secret getaway from the crowded beaches. With delicate petals like white butterfly wings, this art was first inspired by the beginning of Uncle Sig`s and Aunty Nalani’s love affair, when he would pick white ginger at Waiākeakua in Mānoa and make lei for her. A symbol of love, Kaipolei is the first blossom of our SS16 collection.


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