I Ola!

During the holiday season, two words kept coming up:  “I ola!”.  The simple toast celebrated the bliss in the special moments.  Again, as we move forward in this new year of 2016, the cry resounds.

“To life!”  Given such incredible circumstances - like living in Hawaiʻi, surfing in the mornings, and creating designs - I am grateful for my day to day life.  

Being able to instill cultural practices  each chance we are given preserves our traditions and validates all who have come before us. 

Spending the special moments with ʻohana is always rewarding.  We had four generations in one room, all laughing and screaming together.  It always seems like there is never enough time as I never want our get-togethers to end.  I totally cherish the ʻohana moments!

Let's make 2016 the most incredible year!  Let us achieve momentum in our activities that will shape a better life for all around us.  Through our actions, let us strengthen the foundation for a greater tomorrow.

I ola kākou!  Together let us celebrate life!

Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou!

Sig Zane Designs


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