• OLA HILO!  2017

    OLA HILO! 2017

    Mahalo to our sponsors: Hurley, HAYN, Ola Waiau, TINROOF, Moon & Turtle, Pia Brew, Waiola, Uber, Hawaiian Ola, Kadota Liquor and Youngs Market Company for making our Hōʻike Night a success! 
  • He Au Hou Kēia! Happy New Year 2017!

    He Au Hou Kēia! Happy New Year 2017!

    We salute to 2016 for a wonderful year of friendships, adventures, and experiences! The memories bring smiles to our soul, enriching and rewarding. Mahalo nui to all for sharing life with us! A new time is ahead with exciting challenges and incredible travels! We look forward and invite you to come along for the ride! Let us all partake of the wonders of life!...
  • Island Fin Design for Sig Zane - 2016

    Island Fin Design for Sig Zane - 2016

    When I began, there was only one.  No real big choice.  Just one.  Five decades later, I get to revisit the single fin setup for my longboard surfing.  Having just one fin on the longboard makes me feel like a traditionalist.   Makes me slow down and enjoy the ride! R E L E A S I N G  T H I S  F R...
  • Mark White for Sig Zane - 2016

    Mark White for Sig Zane - 2016

    M A R K  W H I T E  F O R  S I G  Z A N EMark White is such an inspiration! He’s older, he surfs, and he still catches ulua! The most unreal thing? He makes his own fishing lures! And they catch. No just once or twice. But always. I wanna be like him when I grow up!After many months...
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