Island Fin Design for Sig Zane - 2016

When I began, there was only one.  No real big choice.  Just one.  Five decades later, I get to revisit the single fin setup for my longboard surfing.  Having just one fin on the longboard makes me feel like a traditionalist.  
Makes me slow down and enjoy the ride!
R E L E A S I N G  T H I S  F R I D A Y !
Our Kapuni Fin Collection will be released on the Lāʻaukūkahi moon
this Friday, December 16th:
- Hilo Store
- SigOnSmith
and Monday, December 19th

Expert fin maker, Steve Mock of Island Fin Design in Waialua on the North Shore of Oʻahu, put his thirty plus years of experience into this collaborative effort. 

Each fin is hand cut and sanded down to the perfect foil.
Handsome fins will always enhance the glide!
Sig Zane ʻOhana
K A P U N I 
There at Kapuni the trades lift us to our feet!
Surfing at Waikīkī always brings back memories of childhood. Learning to surf in front of the Moana Hotel alongside the canoes is one of the most treasured memories. Each visit back to the Kapuni recalls bliss!

F E A T U R I N G  N E W  P R I N T S :

P Ō ʻ U L U 
In our Sig Zane Designs tradition, we debut this collaboration with an ʻulu print. We've revisited our favorite Uluwehi Keaukaha print and together with the signature Island Fin Design stripe, Pōʻulu is the soft bark around the young breadfruit shoots, offering protection to the new tree, the new project!
N A U P A T A 
A favorite beach plant that makes any break feel like home. We revisited our vintage naupaka print and recreated a new layout for this collaboration. Recently this past summer, we learned the Tahitian name, Naupata and other traditional uses, like making tea from the young leaves and using the berries as eye drops
to relieve red eyes from a long surf session.
Photos: Alana Spencer @coconutcomradery

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