A Global Embrace

It was a clean slate:  a world map pinned up on the wall, crisp and shiny.  The date was February 3, 2003.  We stood ready, facing the globe, not knowing what was going to happen.  We then made the move and turned on our web store.  We watched as our products unfolded onto our screen and then we waited for our first customer.

Yokohama.  Honolulu.  San Francisco.  Kaneohe.  Honolulu.  Lihu‘e.  Dallas.  Ewa Beach.  Los Angeles.  Wailuku.  Kaneohe.  Honolulu.  New York.  Tokyo.  Honolulu.  It continued every day.  And when a new location placed an order, a pin was placed there on our shiny map.  

Thirteen years have passed.  Our map was so filled with pins from countries around the world that it fell off the wall in little bits over the course of the first five years!  Today is a celebration of the art of Hawai‘i going far beyond our island shores.  The stories of our home have been shared with others.  The aloha and traditions of our people have extended a little farther. 

Mahalo nui for your support, patience, and love!  We have grown ten-fold in spirit and aloha as we have experienced your stories and your incredible encouragement.   Because of you we are here at this momentous occasion!  We celebrate our thirteenth anniversary with thoughts of gratitude and appreciation to all of you!  

 Mahalo nui! 



P.S. Our Leftovers Sale in Hilo a couple of weeks ago was a hit!  We have had many requests  since, so we are offering our it online, too! Here's your chance to enjoy select items at a 50% discount. The sale will start on Friday, February 05 at 9:00am, and end a week later on February 12 at 12:00 noon, HST. All sales are final with these selected products. No exchanges or returns will be accepted. Celebrate with us!