• SZ + HAYN

    SZ + HAYN

    HAYN The screen door was slamming all day, the porch was filled with slippers. All kinds. Rubber. Leather. Blue. Black. Aquamarine. I looked at them all. Actually a quick scan. Looking for the best ones - maybe my size, or a new color that I never had before. Is that rubber better than mine? That logo is kind of nice…. You know how it...
  • A Global Embrace

    It was a clean slate:  a world map pinned up on the wall, crisp and shiny.  The date was February 3, 2003.  We stood ready, facing the globe, not knowing what was going to happen.  We then made the move and turned on our web store.  We watched as our products unfolded onto our screen and then we waited for our first customer. Yokohama. ...
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