Introducing Piʻihonua - 2017

Moanikeʻala is a lush garden owned by Laron Kageyama and his wife, Yumiko. They have been pouring their heart and soul into revitalizing this once famous garden that had been left untouched for years. Everyday they work to bring this garden back to life. One day at a time, they continue to push back the encroaching forest around their home.

This is where the kahilikī caught my eye and inspired this new layout. As other plants began to surround the garden, the kāhilikī stood tall and strong, continuing to rise forth. The name given to this design, Piʻihonua, honors the ahupuaʻa where the garden grows and especially to Laron and Yumiko, for everything they have gone through to keep this extraordinary garden alive.

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