K Ū M Ā K O U !

We choose to represent the native forests in much of our work because the ʻōhiʻa trees with their lehua blossoms make up the greater tracts on our island and provide a sanctuary for indigenous species. Bringing light to our surroundings helps protect and nurture our home.

For the new Hawaiian Airlines uniform, we wanted the lehua blossom to be the focal point. In mele and poetry, the flower is celebrated. We combined a migration chant with the lehua to draw parallels in travel: traditionally the waʻa, but in this age, we fly! We illustrated the story of traversing from place to place with ʻohe kāpala.

We want to extend our appreciation to Affinity for their fabrication and manufacturing of the uniforms. We provided the original hand-cut art files, print designs, fabric layout and colorways. They ran with it, providing everyone a selection of styles.

Our journey with Hawaiian Airlines has always been fun, memorable, and crazy. With the launch of the new uniforms we are enjoying their new stylings along with their incredible growth. We are stoked to see the employees wearing our designs!

Ola ka lehua!