• Moku O Keawe

    Moku O Keawe International Hula Festival The last ten years of workshop classes have given students experiences to expand their repertoire and explore wahi pana.  The natural elements of Waikoloa and the island of Hawaiʻi, has been the fountainhead of knowledge and enrichment in practice and on stage.  Classes of hula, learned from esteemed judges of the competition, honor their unique generational styles.  The...
  • Sig Zane Ke Kanakolu

    Sig Zane Ke Kanakolu Three decades of stories and experiences makes up our foundation.  We pull from this collection of events and the places we visited to invent and create for tomorrow. Our mission continues:  share our traditions through art and design for future generations!   We are grateful and so appreciative of our tenure.  Each day has been filled with the extraordinary, rewarding...
  • Wok Dis Way!

    Food is definitely one way to my heart. Flavors, presentation, and especially the experiences thrill me! Comfort food takes me to my days growing up. My grandmother, aunties, and mother were all great cooks. Chinese food will always be my comfort food! Come join us Saturday October 3rd from 1-3pm for a book signing and talk story with Lynette Lo Tom!
  • Sig Zane + HAYN

    HAYN (pronounced ha-why-in) Kuhao was barely two years old and he wanted to wear my slippers.  Watching him slide his tiny feet in my big rubber slippers and taking those few steps were moments of endearment!   When HAYN, a locally owned and operated company approached us to collaborate on their initial product roll-out we were stoked!  Using natural rubber and creating two layers...
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