Sig Zane x Kicks/HI X Hurley: Kapoinalu Collection

Aloha All!
After working on this project with our ohana from Kicks Hawaii and Hurley for almost a year now we are finally excited to release:
Sig Zane & Kicks Hawaii For Hurley: Kapoinalu Collection.

Design:  Kapoinalu
Kapoinalu describes a breaking wave at the point that it pitches and crashes.  Our print, the native flora Leie or Halapepe, honors the benevolence of the gods of Hawaii.  The plant is cared for as a manifestation of the god and is respected, often used as an offering.

On the way out to Kona!
On the way out to the Kona side my parents would always try to point out the “halapepe” and sometimes align it to surf breaks like Weliweli or unique beaches like Kiholo. Thin vertical column-like main stems and lengthy triangular shaped leaves made it somewhat difficult to spot in the mauka drylands. Especially when my dad was driving 76 over the hills to our next holoholo, surf trip or ohana luau.

Over the years, hearing about “halapepe” at hula and endless amount of trips to Kona, I finally got better at spotting them amongst the shades of aged black lava and patches of khaki pili-esque grass. Driving south towards Kona on the up road and aligning Weliweli surf break or with Kiholo’s trademarked blue lagoon, I knew there would always be a few Halapepe growing in the area. Still to this day with every mauka road cruise I find myself searching for those color cues or landmarks always hoping to spot a new one! With the development in the area every year, my dad wanted to make sure he interpreted “halapepe”, kinolau to Kapoulakinau, in his own artistic way. The rubylith format of original graphic design(Pre-MacBookPro) with x-acto and combination of clear and red film is how Sig Zane Designs started and is still to this day how he translates his unique aesthetic.

As far as unique goes….. To showcase this collection we wanted to highlight two individuals:  Ulumauahi, who I’ve been dancing and chanting with since keiki time, and Malani, the Chock’s line-up and Hilo One staple, as well as a youthful voice of the Keaukaha community.  I’ve always viewed these individuals as “Modern Hawaiians” and in their practices today, each ensuring a cultured tomorrow.
Kapoinalu Collection: Phantom Sandal
Our sandal features the Halapepe print engraved into soft leather that becomes pebbled with use. Alongside the signature soft under strap and newly released Nike Free 5.0 sole this sandal is Hilo one sand between the toes soft. Available only at Sig Zane Designs and Kicks/HI the sandal comes in two different color cues.